Oct 302008

I just finished a nice chat on the phone with an engineer at MindTouch, and things look really good for the updated RSS feed/change tracking/diffing side of things in Deki.

In addition to the things I’ve already mentioned (needing a more side-by-side like comparison of versions, showing only the changed sections, and adding a link to the version history to the feed), we talked about:

  • Adding a way to know what changed in cases that currently get listed as “No wording changes.”  This includes style changes and changes to HREFs.
  • Adding links to edit the article and see its revision history to RSS feed entries.
  • Adding a “ban user” link to the revision history page.
  • An option to not “digest” the RSS feed entries for page changes.  Right now, if five people have changed an article since the last time I looked, I see one entry lumping all the changes together.  This will let me see each change separately instead.

We also discussed the current problem where the audio and video tags get escaped by the source editor.  They’re going to fix that for us as well.

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Oct 292008

I’m in the process of scheduling a meeting with our friends at MindTouch to talk about revisions they might make to the diff and history system in Deki to better suit our needs.  Feel free to dump your thoughts here; I’ll go through them and use your suggestions to help build a list of proposals to make when I talk to them.

Right now, the big things are:

  • We need side-by-side diffs instead of inline diffs, both for legibility and to make translation via copy-and-paste easier.
  • Instead of showing the entire article when comparing, it would be better to only see the changed areas.
  • The recent changes page/RSS feed need links to the diffs.

What do you want to see in article diffs and revision histories?

I’d like to add links to ban users right into the revision history.  Saves me time. :)

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Oct 282008

Here’s a list of even more interfaces for which the documentation has been updated to Firefox 3.1:

Note that a couple of these (notably nsIXPCScriptable) are not very thorough documents, but are up-to-date in that they at least mention all the new stuff, which is covered in roughly the same amount of detail (or lack thereof) as anything else therein.

With these, all of the interfaces already documented on MDC have been updated to cover Firefox 3.1 (as it stands today).  There are plenty of interfaces that aren’t documented yet, though.  We’ll get to them!

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Oct 282008

We upgraded to MindTouch Deki 8.08.1 late last week, which introduced a few bug fixes and closed a couple of minor security holes.

A new update, 8.08.1a, is coming hopefully tonight to fix a regression that caused our recent changes RSS feeds to break.  Sorry about that!

I’m continuing to work with our friends at MindTouch to ensure that Deki continues to evolve in a direction that will make us all very happy.  I look forward to seeing the next release, which promises to be a humdinger.

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Oct 242008

Yesterday I added this new article: Using audio and video in Firefox.  This provides additional examples, but more importantly demonstrates how to manipulate media content through the DOM.  Even more important than that, it shows how to watch for events that are triggered while the media loads and plays, so you can keep informed of the progress of the performance of the content.

This should be really helpful for folks that want to take advantage of these new capabilities.  I invite feedback, as always!

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Oct 172008

I’ve finished the documentation for the progress events supported by Firefox 3.1 when using XMLHttpRequest.  The relevant information is in these places:

Hopefully this is all reasonably clear.  It’s at least fairly well organized, I think.  I’m sure there’ll be some tweaks over the coming days/weeks/whatever as suggestions come in.  I’ve really appreciated all the helpful feedback I’ve been getting this documentation cycle.  It really helps make sure everything is coherent!

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