Oct 012008

I’ve just finished documenting Firefox 3.1’s support for HTML 5 text in canvas elements, as well as our recently-landed support for shadow effects.  Exciting stuff, complete with an example or two.

If you’re familiar with these technologies, as usual, I’d be thrilled if you’d give these docs a look and make sure they’re coherent and reasonably accurate.  Or vice-versa.

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  2 Responses to “HTML 5 canvas text and shadows documented”

  1. Glad to see documentation for these. A few comments:

    The default for “font” is actually “10px sans-serif” rather than 12px.

    You may wish to phrase the description of shadowOffset* to say that it is unaffected by the current transformation matrix rather than saying it offsets by pixels, but that’s really a matter of taste, I suppose.

    It may not be worth mentioning, but the “hanging” and “ideographic” baselines are currently not supported. They are silently treated like the “alphabetic” baseline.

  2. Eric, thanks for the info. I’ve updated those articles accordingly.

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