Oct 072008

MindTouch has posted their initial plans for the upcoming “Lyons” release, which will be the next major update that we’ll receive from them, early next year.  This version promises to address the vast majority of the issues we still have with Deki, including most of those on my “most important issues” list.

They’re also working on a very interesting notifications API, which will make it possible to do things like automatically tweet or send email when pages are changed; this will let us set up subject-matter experts to receive notifications whenever pages in their area of expertise are changed.  This will help encourage more active technical reviews of articles, and I think will lead to higher-quality documentation.

There’s also a lot of work being done to make it even easier to customize the software without requiring patches to the code itself.

Check out the roadmap to get some insight into what you can look forward to seeing on MDC in the coming months.

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  4 Responses to “MindTouch Deki roadmap for “Lyons” posted”

  1. Is there are any chance of getting user comments on each of the pages the way php.net does it? I find them an extremely valuable part of the PHP development experience (often more useful than the documentation pages themselves) as PHP developers can share code snippets and advice very easily — without worrying about trampling on anyone’s toes, as can often occur in wikis.

  2. On-page comments is something I plan to enable eventually; however, there are a couple of features we’re waiting for MindTouch to implement first (in particular, per-article support for disabling them, since there are pages we don’t want comments on, such as the main page).

  3. Thanks for the MindTouch mention! We’re excited to bring you the new features in the coming months. Keep up the great writing & coverage. We look forward to reading more…Cheers!

  4. Great! I thought the disabling-comments to-do was referring to the talk page. Nice to know on-page comments are in the pipeline.

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