Oct 092008

I’ve just completed documentation for the HTML 5 audio element.  This is pretty nifty stuff; I’ll be working on the video element tonight and tomorrow morning.  I’m waiting for email back in response to a couple of questions (it’s possible I may have documented some attributes we don’t yet support), and I’m sure I’ll be updating the content in the next day or two.

Also, I wrote an example which doesn’t work yet — I think because the MDC server doesn’t currently serve up .ogg files with the correct MIME type; I’ve filed a ticket to address that.

One great thing that sometimes happens while writing documentation is that your simple samples you throw together uncover bugs that you get to report.  That’s sort of “bonus, value-added work” as far as I’m concerned.  In this case, I discovered that the fallback text always appears, even if the audio plays.

Anyway, if you happen to notice any problems with this documentation, feel free — as always — to correct it, or drop me a note if you’d rather I handle the correction.

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