Oct 132008

Over the weekend, I did some cleanup work on the documentation for media queries and various other topics; these should all be in pretty good shape now.

This morning, I wrote up the documentation for the MozAfterPaint event (courtesy of the blog post by roc that went up while I was asleep, which made the work much, much easier).

Remember: in open source, there’s no such thing as plagiarism. :)

Lots to do but the progress is great.

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  4 Responses to “Firefox 3.1 documentation: the march continues”

  1. Thanks for all your hard work. Your reminder is a little false. You need to attribute who did the actual work, but you can use it for free anyways. So, thanks to roc also.

  2. [After many tries and lost comment typing, I think I have found that
    this form simply discards some comments with anything that looks like
    a URL in them, with no explanation; others it explains as ‘spammy’.
    So I’ve omitted the MDC host in the URLs below (start with ‘en/CSS’).]

    Thanks for the improvements to media_queries. A couple other thoughts:

    1. Links to media_queries:

    I expected links to the media_queries page on

    The link on
    seems out of place since the media_queries page is a subpage of
    @media, not really an introductory article.

    2. Examples: both @media and media_queries should provide an
    introductory example for both uses.

    Currently the @media page has only within <style> or CSS
    stylesheet examples, and the media_queries page has only <link>
    examples in the introduction (stylesheet examples in some of the
    detail sections).

    [3. Spec: Too bad there isn’t a (pane) aspect-ratio.

    Then maybe CSS could make sure a square chart (apect ratio 1/1) filled
    the visible pane area with something like

    @media all and (max-aspect-ratio: 1/1) {
    body { width: 100%; } /* portrait: fill width */
    @media all and (min-aspect-ratio: 1/1) {
    body { height: 100%; } /* landscape: fill height */

    That might help make flash-like size-to-pane easier to do with CSS.

  3. I’ve made most (although not all) the changes you suggested. Feel free to add more examples if you like. :)

  4. media_queries:

    bug: ‘color:’ does not have a <color> value, but an integer value.
    (It gives log base 2 of min number of intensity levels of any color, like ‘monochrome:’ does for
    number of intensity levels in monochrome displays.)

    link: <resolution> could appear on en/CSS/

    link: integer values could use ‘<integer>’ rather than ‘integer’

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