Oct 132008

OK, @font-face was pretty easy to write up — someone wrote it up all the way back in February.  I just had to remove the notes about it not being implemented yet, add a live example, and tie it into the Firefox 3.1 for developers page.  I love it when things go nice and easy like that.

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  1. test: Is this comment form working?

  2. Nice and easy is always a way we like to do things so I hope more things like that are available soon.

  3. Hi,

    I’ve just tried this new feature with Shiretoko and doesn’t seem to work. Is it a bug or isn’t shipped with Shiretoko.
    I’ve also added another sample on the MDC, the one with Iron Maiden. If it’s ok I can edit the first example to reflect this exotic font use.

  4. OK, sorry for disturbing. I’ve just downloaded the beta version in which things go as expected.
    Thanks for your work guys.

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