Oct 292008

I’m in the process of scheduling a meeting with our friends at MindTouch to talk about revisions they might make to the diff and history system in Deki to better suit our needs.  Feel free to dump your thoughts here; I’ll go through them and use your suggestions to help build a list of proposals to make when I talk to them.

Right now, the big things are:

  • We need side-by-side diffs instead of inline diffs, both for legibility and to make translation via copy-and-paste easier.
  • Instead of showing the entire article when comparing, it would be better to only see the changed areas.
  • The recent changes page/RSS feed need links to the diffs.

What do you want to see in article diffs and revision histories?

I’d like to add links to ban users right into the revision history.  Saves me time. :)

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  3 Responses to “Diffing documentation”

  1. It may be useful to be able to short formatting changes in diffs (I’m crazy and can live with just source diffs). Otherwise it’s hard to see changes that don’t have actual text to highlight. This is lower priority than the actual text changes, of course – the existing wishlist is already awesome :)

  2. We are using their free-hosting services at wik.is and we don’t see any diff support at all. The revision history page is called “recent changes” and it only shows a summary of what is changed. You seem to refer to a new version which includes this but is not yet hosted in wik.is, right? If yes, then my suggestion is that they upgrade or include diff support in wik.is.

  3. The wik.is version does have it, they just don’t call it that. When you go into the history, you can compare two versions. That’s the feature I’m referring to.

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