Oct 302008

I just finished a nice chat on the phone with an engineer at MindTouch, and things look really good for the updated RSS feed/change tracking/diffing side of things in Deki.

In addition to the things I’ve already mentioned (needing a more side-by-side like comparison of versions, showing only the changed sections, and adding a link to the version history to the feed), we talked about:

  • Adding a way to know what changed in cases that currently get listed as “No wording changes.”  This includes style changes and changes to HREFs.
  • Adding links to edit the article and see its revision history to RSS feed entries.
  • Adding a “ban user” link to the revision history page.
  • An option to not “digest” the RSS feed entries for page changes.  Right now, if five people have changed an article since the last time I looked, I see one entry lumping all the changes together.  This will let me see each change separately instead.

We also discussed the current problem where the audio and video tags get escaped by the source editor.  They’re going to fix that for us as well.

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  2 Responses to “The future of article management”

  1. Wow, that was fast. Google picked up the post and notified me about it in less than 30 minutes. Google must know how much you love to blog and indexes you often! :)

    I captured the notes from our discussion on my wiki page here:

    Feel free to leave comments on it or expand on issues in place. I’m also an avid RSS feed reader on our site… so nothing will go unnoticed. ;)

    – Steve

    PS: I prefer the term architect over engineer, unless you like to be formal then it’s CTO :)

  2. Steve — I was trying to be nonspecific, since I didn’t know if you wanted me publicly saying exactly who it was I talked to. :)

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