Dec 022008

We have a couple of new articles on MDC that are of interest to Firefox 3.1 users (among others).  I wrote neither of them (which makes me so happy), but want to be sure everyone is aware of them:

Arun wrote the article HTTP access control, which provides details on how HTTP access control works in Firefox 3.1.  This includes examples of both server and client side code, as well as examples of what the HTTP transactions themselves look like.  It’s very useful information that will be of interest to anyone that wants to use web fonts and cross-site XMLHttpRequests.

Mossop put together a handy article that covers the basics of listening to events, including both DOM events and web progress events; this incorporates both stuff existing prior to Firefox 3.1 and the new “all tabs” listeners introduced in Firefox 3.1.

There’s still plenty of stuff left to write about for Firefox 3.1, but we’re making great headway, and it’s sure helpful when others contribute content like this!

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