Dec 272008

Yesterday, after having thought about it for a while lately, I finally bought a new car to replace my old 2001 Expedition.  I came home with a lovely new Toyota Highlander Hybrid Limited, which looks like this on the outside:

It’s pretty fully decked out:

It has DVD navigation system, 4-disc CD changer, aux port for my iPod, fold-flat third row seats, power moonroof, back row AC power outlet and inputs for the DVD entertainment system.  Two wireless headsets for the entertainment system, too.  Heated leather seats.  Pretty much the works.  It handles great, is nice and quiet (almost too quiet when running entirely on electric), and I think I’m in love with it.

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  5 Responses to “It’s a new car!”

  1. Damn, an Expedition? It’d be fun to calculate the reduction in your carbon footprint from this change… ;)

  2. What kind of mileage does it get?

  3. Well, the mileage takes a hit because this time of year we have to run the heat most of the time. When we’re able to go without the heater, we get around 27-28 MPG. With the heater on, we’re running around 24. That’s combined city/highway driving.

    From what I understand, the A/C has less of a hit on fuel consumption than the heater. We’ll find out in a few months.

    That’s pretty good, I think, for a midsize SUV like this.

    This car should make our road trip to Disney World in a few months a lot more fun for Sophie, with the integrated DVD player.

  4. Yah, my hybrid also experiences diminished mileage during colder weather. Between running the heat, and batteries naturally not holding as much a charge in cold temperature, it drops at most 20%.

    But 28 MPG is pretty good for an SUV. Kudos for going hybrid!

  5. After another week or so of driving, now we’re doing around 23 MPG on average. Still pretty good given the heater’s on most of the time.

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