Jan 092009

I’ve updated the documentation for the Geolocation API in Firefox 3.1 to account for a few changes to the specification and implementation that occurred recently.  This includes updates to the documentation for the nsIGeolocationProvider and nsIDOMGeoPosition interfaces, plus the addition of the documentation for nsIGeoPositionCoords and nsIGeolocationUpdate.

The key changes here are that coordinate information for an update is now stored using the nsIGeoPositionCoords interface, which separates position and movement information from the timestamp provided by nsIGeoPosition.  Additionally, there is no longer an attribute on the nsIGeolocationProvider interface that offers the current position; the position is now only available via callback.

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  2 Responses to “Geolocation documentation updated”

  1. Firefox 3.1 will support the current Geolocation draft:


  2. The coords object seems to have a field for altitudeAccuracy but not one for altitude…


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