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I’ve been tagged by Brian King, so here we go!

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Seven things:

  1. My family lived in Sumatra, Indonesia for several years when I was a kid.  I attended third through half of seventh grades at an American school in a Caltex company town called Rumbai, near Pekanbaru, the provincial capital of Riau Province.  Caltex American School in Rumbai had around 40 students, kindergarten through eighth grades, and it was a fantastic time in my life.  Between getting a lot of one-on-one attention at school and getting to play, literally, in the jungle — that was a great place to be a kid.
  2. I met my wife online in 1994, long before online dating sites.  We were both chat hosts in an Apple II computer forum on the GEnie online service and got to talking, and eventually arranged to meet in person (she flew across the country to visit me at college).  The rest is history.
  3. On January 22, 2008, I had a Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery performed after years of failed attempts to lose weight.  My goal weight was 250 pounds, which I reached in June.  As of today, I weigh 224 pounds.  My nutritionist has begged me not to lose any more weight than this, so I find myself eating four meals a day, plus snacks, plus drinking beverages with extra calories, just to keep my weight up.  This is both unusual and strange.
  4. My first experience with computers was in first grade, in Colorado, where they had a computer that was essentially a keyboard hooked up to a teletype.  It would hammer out math questions onto the paper, you’d read them, and key in the answers.  It was super cool.  In fourth grade, my school in Sumatra got a TI 99/4 computer, and I got totally into it, spending recesses in the math room pounding out code.  By the end of that year, I’d written my first game: “Alligator,” which used sprites to let you use the joystick to steer an alligator around the screen to eat flies and frogs, while avoiding falling rocks.  If you got hit by a rock, a morbid little tune played and you lost a life.  Bonus trivia: playing “Oh, Susanna” off key sounds very morbid.  The next year, the school got an Apple II+.
  5. In seventh grade, my school got a new math teacher, who wasn’t familiar with Applesoft BASIC, which is what our computer classes used.  So for the first half of seventh grade, I taught programming class to my peers while the teacher studied up.
  6. If you haven’t gathered it already, we moved a lot when I was a kid.  My dad worked for Chevron his entire career, and we went where the Big New Oil Thing was.  Lived in Colorado twice, Texas twice (Midland and Snyder), California twice, Louisiana once, and of course overseas.  My folks went on to live in Houston and Moscow, Russia, before finally retiring to Northern California.  Everywhere I’ve lived (I’m in Tennessee now) has its up and down points.
  7. I didn’t manage to graduate from the University of California at Santa Barbara.  I attended for five years, but when it came time to register for my final quarter’s worth of classes — I needed to take two Computer Science electives plus a course in “literature originating in a foreign language” — I discovered that there were no computer science courses being offered that I hadn’t already taken.  So I withdrew from school for a quarter to avoid paying for a quarter that wouldn’t significantly advance me toward graduation.  Got a job, got engaged to my eventual wife.  Drove back to campus to sign up for the following quarter, and was surprised to learn that, again, there were no computer science courses being offered that I hadn’t already taken.  After that, it was just too hard to go back, between work, being married, and general apathy.  So I remain three courses shy of a bachelor’s degree in computer science.

Now to tag seven people I’d like to hear from:

  1. Ryan Suenaga, a good friend who’s always interesting to hear from.
  2. Rebecca Heineman, former coworker and very interesting character in the computer game industry.
  3. David Miller, former and present colleague and IT guru at Mozilla.
  4. John Resig, because I just can’t get enough.
  5. Aaron Fulkerson, because he makes me chuckle.
  6. Myself, because infinite loops are fun.
  7. I reserve the right to tag someone else if and when they come to mind.
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