Jan 222009

The guys at Mindtouch are working their butts off these days, and I’m continuing to see a lot of movement in their bug database that looks promising.

In particular, they’ve added API that will let them provide feedback on the state of database reindexing, which is a pet peeve of mine that will be nice to see addressed.

They’ve also added support for hiding languages we don’t use from the syntax highlighter’s list of languages, so we can whittle it down to be a more reasonable display, thankfully.

I’ve seen some initial looks at what they’ve done to the diff and history tools, and it looks very promising, although I had some suggestions they seemed to take to heart, so I’m hopeful this is going be much improved for us.

Chris Blizzard and I had a good talk with the guys at Mindtouch yesterday, and we have some great ideas for things we can do going forward.

One thing that’s important to recognize is that Deki is more than just a basic wiki; it’s actually a full-fledged application platform, but we’re not currently taking advantage of those capabilities.  I’ve started assembling a list of cool things we could do to really turn MDC into a powerful information repository.  Take a look at the list and see what you think.  These aren’t necessarily things we will do, just things I think we could do.  Some of them are no-brainers.  Some will take some real work.

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