Jan 252009

In about four hours, I’ll be on a plane headed to Mountain View, via Atlanta and San Jose, for a week of meetings with the folks in the Mozilla evangelism team.  We have a length agenda for this week, and I think we’ll be very productive.

Among other things, we’ll be discussing plans for moving forward with the Mozilla Developer Center.  We’ve positioned ourselves to do some very cool things with MDC over the next year — now it’s time to plan out the next steps and take advantage of all the power under the hood that’s currently going unused.

You see, the Deki software we’re using to drive MDC is more than just a wiki.  It’s a pretty powerful application server, with a lot of capabilities we’re not currently using.  That’s going to be a key goal of mine for the next year: finding and implementing new functionality that we’re not currently taking advantage of.  I’ve blogged about that previously.

My goal continues to be to make MDC the one-stop place to go for information about not only Firefox development, or Mozilla development in general, but for all open web technologies.  We’re a long way from achieving that goal, but with our community’s help, we can make it happen.

I’m very excited about what we’re going to do together!

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  1. Cool! Hope you’ll find time to chat about MDC l10n ;)

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