Jan 292009

One easy thing we’re about to implement on the Mozilla Developer Center web site is code that looks at the tags on the page you’re looking at and recommends IRC channels in which you might discuss the material therein, based on the page’s tags.

As you can see here, this article (which is the main page for the Places subtree), offers links to the #addons, #extdev, and #places channels, based on the page’s tags.  Any page that has tags that can be mapped to one or more IRC channels will have this list.

This will make it easy for users of MDC that still have questions after reading the documentation to find help.  It will also make it easier for possible contributors find find subject-matter experts to help clarify topics that need writing up.

I’m testing this code on a VM right now, and hope to deploy it to the live MDC site sometime next week or so.  Another, related thing I expect to do soon as well is to include links to the relevant newsgroups.

I hope this proves as useful as I think it will!

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  3 Responses to “Coming soon: IRC links”

  1. Awesome. This should drive some more traffic into the relevant IRC channels, which makes them even more useful.

  2. Yes, I think so too. I look forward to having it out there.

  3. As an avid user of Firefox and IRC, might I suggest having those link to Mibbit widgets? The http://air.mozilla.com/ site is using them. Of course, having them as links for Chatzilla or any other program to pick up on would be useful, and necessary too. If you like the idea, I’ve been trying to create a skin for Firefox for awhile now. The blueness of Mozilla struck me as odd, but I’ll try getting a clean skin working off it.

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