Jan 292009

The ability to shuffle tabs around between windows at will in Firefox 3.1 has made me a much more frequent user and abuser of the power of tabbed browsing.

As I work, I find myself with a lot of tabs open, often unrelated to one another, cluttered among my windows.  It’s fabulous to be able to drag them across windows to sort them into windows based on topic or use case.

For example, right now I’m preparing to do a demonstration of sorts of Mindtouch Deki capabilities to some folks here at the office — both things we are currently doing and things that we will be doing in the future, as well as capabilities for expansion that we’ve not even seriously addressed yet.

As I was poking across the web pulling together the information I needed for this discussion, it wound up in multiple windows scattered across my machine.  The ability to drag them together and arrange them into the order in which I would need them in one window will make my demonstration go much, much more smoothly.

I hope.

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  1. You can do that in Firefox 3.0, too—I just did (although you can’t make a new window by dragging a tab into empty space).

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