Feb 022009

The new IRC links feature for MDC is in the process of deployment to the live site now.  I’ve added the required template and other material to the wiki itself, checked in the skin changes into SVN, and have filed a ticket with IT to have them update the site and adjust a couple of needed settings to switch it on.  Hopefully we’ll have this up and running soon.

Once it’s live, then there will be some work to do to fine-tune the matching of channels to tags, but it should immediately be of some benefit.

It’s been suggested that it be possible to use Mibbet to offer in-browser IRC access.  I’m kicking around thoughts on that.  I don’t want to override the user’s preferred IRC client if they have one, but I agree it would be nice to let people get in through their browser if they don’t have one.  Any suggestions?

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  1. For those people without ChatZilla, shouldn’t it be possible to register Mibbit as a web handler for irc links?

  2. I don’t know anything about Mozilla code, but is Mibbit support a job for Web Based Protocol Handlers?

  3. Bug 435687 has a patch that includes mibbit as a default irc protocol handler, not landed yet. (the code to add it manually can be included on MDC pages if you want)

  4. The problem with registering Mibbit as a web handler for irc links is that the user has to navigate to Mibbit to register it, since the request to register a web handler has to come from the same domain as the web application itself.

  5. You could offer two links. One with the IRC scheme and another pointing to a deki page with Mibbit embedded, taking the desired IRC channel as a URI parameter. Putting Mibbit into a deki page doesn’t require anything special. You can see it in action here:

  6. Yeah, I’m trying hard to avoid two links, because that’s just unattractive and confusing. I’m inclined to just hope that most people will have an IRC client already if they’re reading Mozilla dev docs, and that the patch to enable Mibbit as a default IRC link handler will go in sometime.

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