Feb 052009

I’ve done some work on documentation today.

First, the Firefox 3.1 for developers page has finally gotten a much-needed overhaul, and is much closer to its final form for the release of Firefox 3.1.  Please give it a look over and make sure everything there seems reasonably correct.  There are now links to a few articles that have yet to be written, which are coming soon.

Second, I’ve created a new article, Security changes in Firefox 3.1, which is intended to cover all security-related changes in Firefox 3.1.  This has very little content yet, so if you know security, please give it a look and help me track down all relevant information!

I’ve also created stubs for the following articles, which still need to be written.  These stubs simply contain links to blog posts and other materials that will be helpful when writing the real material:

I expect to work on these articles starting tomorrow.

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