Feb 102009

It’s presently 5:22 AM and I’m finally about tired enough to sleep, I think.  Tried to a few hours ago, without luck.

Anyway, I made good use of the extra wakeful hours, since tomorrow will be largely absorbed by catch-up sleep:

I added two more examples into the article Applying SVG effects to HTML content and did some reorganization work there while I was at it.  Then I wrote the article ICC color correction in Firefox.

The only full-scale article left to write for Firefox 3.1, to my current knowledge, is Locating DOM elements using selectors.  This material is actually already documented in reference form, but a conceptual article needs to be written to cover the subject.

Fortunately, John Resig and others have already created blog posts about the subject, so the research has pretty much already been done.  I will be working on that article on Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on how my sleep situation goes for the next few hours.

As always, please feel free to let me know if you see any issues with the articles mentioned here, or, better, fix the problems right in the wiki.

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