Mar 112009

As has been noted in many other blog posts, tweets, and so forth, the new Firefox addons developer guide has been posted.  This is a great new resource for new add-on developers, starting with an introduction to the basic technologies behind add-on development, and progressing into actual development of extensions.

There are some to-do items left, including additions of screenshots and diagrams.

I’m working on a copy-edit pass to clean up the text a bit, as there are places where the fact that it’s a translation to English from its original Japanese is fairly obvious.  I’m also doing some style tweaks to make it fit the style of MDC a bit better, from a visual standpoint.

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  1. Hi
    Thanks for the info
    Can you suggest where can be a good start foe a newbie to learn more about addons developing?
    Something that will be less complicated to understand.

    Thanks for your help.