Mar 122009

I’ve got a couple new mockups now.  The “Developing Mozilla” page offers links to information about working with the code, Mozilla platform documentation, and subjects including localization, security, and mobile.

Because it’s of keen interest to some of you, I’ve also put together the proposed new “The Mozilla platform” page.  This page offers the links that many of you have wanted to be sure would all be in the same place, with links to information on all our APIs and toolkits, as well as SpiderMonkey and JavaScript documentation.  This is the page I’d expect seasoned Mozilla developers to use as a start page on MDC.

Both of these pages will be tagged appropriately to generate the correct IRC links in their Table of Contents areas.

As before, please feel free to comment.  Your input has been very helpful so far!

Before I go, I do want to point out that it’ll be impossible to satisfy everyone.  It’s the nature of the beast; MDC needs to cater to a wide variety of people with varying needs and skill levels.  My guiding concept is that when in doubt, I’ll cater to the newcomer, because they need the most help.  However, I don’t want to make finding information tedious to seasoned developers either, so if anything is too painful, I’ll try to rein that in!

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  6 Responses to “More MDC mockups”

  1. (Sorry if this was already brought up, it’s hard to track discussion scattered across comments to several posts.) ignores the fact that various components of the Mozilla Platform (or the whole platform) can be used/embedded in new applications. There should be a home for the following topics:
    – Embedding / JavaXPCOM
    – XULRunner (in the broad sense – i.e. building applications on top of the mozilla platform – not just the [[XULRunner]] page)
    – SpiderMonkey / NSS (how did it get to the (web) “Technologies” list on the original main page?) / NSPR

    Note that this is not the same as the “The Mozilla platform” page, which mixes some of the above items with other assorted links and doesn’t help the visitor learn that he can embed, build on top, or re-use parts of Mozilla.

    BTW, it’s great to see you’re cleaning up the main page!

  2. Another point: shouldn’t “Developing mozilla” link from the main page be instead “Contibuting to mozilla” and look something like this: ? Right now the target audience of is unclear to me (I can’t think of the type of people who’d find that useful).

    And do you plan to keep a list of all “documentation centers” somewhere? It seems useful in case you get lost in the categorization.

  3. Nickolay — great suggestions and points.

    I’ve added “Embedding Mozilla” to the main page; this also has the benefit of balancing out the two columns’ lengths. The destination page isn’t a finished product (it’s been around for a while, and I’ll redo it as part of this cleanup process).

    The “Working with Mozilla code” link on the “Contributing to Mozilla” page is intended to take you to a page that’s more like what you’re talking about, with links to stuff like the hacking guide, build documentation, and so forth. The “Working with Mozilla code” page would likely be a jumping-off page for project contributors.

  4. Great, thanks. One nit-pick: “Embedding Mozilla” has specific meaning among mozillians, which doesn’t include using SpiderMonkey/NSPR by itself or building apps on top of XULRunner. I think all three options of using Mozilla technologies should be easily findable from the main page.

    And “Documenting Mozilla” could be moved into the “Contributing” section. Or maybe not.

  5. “Documenting Mozilla” may move, but for now I’m leaving it where it is. I’ve got some stuff I’m planning to do that may make that link less relevant; we’ll see.

    I don’t like the idea of creating even more submenus, which is what happens if we split off SpiderMonkey/NSPR and XULRunner and the like off from embedding proper. Maybe that section just needs a different name, like “Using Mozilla code in other projects” or something.

  6. Using Spidermonkey, NSPR, building on top of XULRunner and embedding mozilla are completely different use-cases, so it makes sense to keep them as separate “doc centers”. I think an additional “submenu” would be OK, unless we want to list all of those on the main page.

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