Mar 122009

I’ve got a mockup for a main page that has a sidebar that would offer quick links to specific topic areas.  I personally don’t like this but mocked it up because a couple of people wanted to see it.  I haven’t actually connected the links in the sidebar, but this at least offers a look at what it would look like.

My personally preferred approach to having access to the smorgasbord of technologies would be to have a “Supported technologies” page that’s linked to from the main page; people that like having that set of quick links to specific technologies could then bookmark that page if they want to.  I’ve added that to the original mockup of the new main page.

What do you think at this point?  Is the idea of a separate “here’s all the technologies we document” page enough to satisfy you, if you’re among the folks that likes that list on the current main page?

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  1. One of the most common ways that people find things is by orienteering, which basically means returning to a known position from which they can then navigate to the information that they want. I use a link to the current MDC home page as my main orienteering destination for finding Mozilla documentation.

    The change that you have proposed, as I understand it, is to add an overview page, then separate pages for each specific topic area. The practical effect for me, in my orienteering behavior, is that you have added another layer of clicks that are required for me to find what I want. I will agree that the new design is easier probably for a newcomer to understand on his first visit, but for someone like me who has gone to that page hundreds of times to orienteer, the added required seek and click is not welcome. You could support the old and new I suppose, but of course that makes added work and probably is not desireable.

  2. I’m curious how many people use the site the way you do. In general, having a single “get everywhere from here” page is actually harder for most people to work with than guiding them to the information they need through a series of simpler pages. Especially since you can bookmark whatever topic areas specifically interest you.

  3. I like that mockup.

    One thing I’m curious about — do you have good referrer logs? I wonder how many people arrive at, say, the MDC CSS via a Google search vs how many navigate from the front page.

  4. roc – which mockup is it you like? The one with the sidebar or the one with a link to a page full of those technologies?

    As for referral statistics…

    50% of accesses have no referrer.

    10% come from Google.

    4% come from

    The rest of the top 10 are from international versions of Google.

    Basically, it looks like a 50-50 split between people that search Google to get to what they want on MDC, and people who browse for it.

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