Mar 132009

The more I work on this MDC menu hierarchy, the more I realize this is a bigger job than I originally expected.  MDC badly needs to be better organized.  The mockups I’ve been posting about are just the beginning.

If you keep your eye on the proposed main page, you’ll find that I’m working on an entire hierarchy of menus that will help guide people to the information they need.  These pages are going to be changing as I work on sorting out the organization.

For the experts, I’m now planning an “expert mode” page of sorts, which will be more like a tidier version of the current main page, with lots of links to key articles that people already involved in the project use frequently.  I’ll try to post a proposal for that page soon.

I think once all is said and done, it’s going to be a lot easier to find information on MDC.  I’m very excited about that!

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  One Response to “A bigger-than-expected project”

  1. There might be a lot of value in spending some time (and developer or other resources if available) improving the search system as well. Perhaps almost going the same route that the SUMO project has taken with their system of a big giant search box, accompanied by a few short lists of articles based on frequency/recency, etc.

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