Mar 172009

The new menu hierarchy for MDC is mostly done now, and I’d like to get your opinion.  The main page leads to a series of submenus that help guide readers to the documents they need.

There’s also a “documentation hot links” page, referenced from the main page, which is mostly a clone of the current MDC main page; it’s intended for people who already know what they want, and want to quickly navigate to a specific topic or technology.

Let me know what you think!

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  3 Responses to “The proposed MDC menu hierarchy”

  1. Here are my thoughts on the page:

    1. I think that “Extending Mozilla” should be something like “Firefox Add-ons” since that’s what lots of people will be looking for. Yes, it’s useful for other products as well, but I want us to hit the biggest target we can.

    2. I wish there was an “old home page” link that was prevalent so that people expecting the old page can still find it. It’s good for transitions. The Documentation Hot Links page is that page, but I might make it one of the 8 items in development topics.

    3. I wish that the add-ons topics (extending mozilla, using mozilla code in other projects) was in its own main sub-section. I feel like it’s all mashed together right now. Reference docs for the open web and add-ons use similar technologies but I feel like they have very different audiences.

    Good progress, though, I really like it.

  2. I think it is strange to have “Supported technologies”, “Documenting Mozilla” and maybe also “Using Mozilla code in other projects” as major topics of the site. I think the other three are much more important and should be more visible than these three.

  3. blizzard:

    1. I’ve renamed the page to “Developing add-ons,” which I hope is a suitable compromise.

    2. I’ve moved the “Documentation hot-links” link into the main link list.

    3. Not sure what you’re proposing here. Developing add-ons and Using Mozilla code in other projects are separate topic areas now already…

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