Mar 202009

One thing that we need to do with MDC is to find content that’s missing — especially as XULPlanet starts winding down — and make sure it’s added to MDC.  This constitutes both migrating anything not already migrated from XULPlanet but also writing new material where stuff is missing.

Please file bugs against Mozilla Developer Center in Bugzilla if you find any missing articles that you think are in need of immediate attention, so that we can prioritize getting them written or migrated!  Let’s fill in those holes!

Of course, you’re also more than welcome (in fact, “urged” would be appropriate) to write or migrate the material yourself — there’s enough to do that I can’t do it all, so the more help the better!

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  5 Responses to “Missing content? Let us know!”

  1. What do I do with things not in need of “urgent” attention? :) – the move (from’s static HTML docs) started in August 2005 and it’s still missing sections like logging. By the usual Mozilla blocking bug triage policy, if it’s been that long that means it’s fine, right? ;)

    Yeah, I know, wiki = everybody’s fault at once, including me. :)

  2. I don’t see the purpose of manually copying and synchronizing documentation which lives and should live within hg to MDC. Are there any plans to integrate automated documentation efforts like xulplanet or into MDC?

  3. Mook – that needs doing pretty badly, you’re right. Someone (whose name has probably been lost in time) was in charge of that migration. I think you just volunteered to finish it. :)

    Jesper – we’ve been discussing that on dev.planning – the general problem here is that doing the docs in the tree is impractical because it forces the writers to work with the whole file a bug, get someone to check it in mechanism that would not only slow down the process but deter most people (frankly, myself included) from making anything but very large changes to the docs.

    However, what I would like to do is at least make it so that we direct people to the stuff on oxy for interfaces not yet documented for real.

  4. Just an article I came across today which is about as useful as its URL is alone – I’d add some info, only I haven’t yet been able to find it ;)

  5. Alan —

    That’s the talk page. navigator.registerContentHandler() is documented fully on the main article page:

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