Mar 242009

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be doing some infrastructure work on MDC.  The biggest thing is that we plan to install the new 9.02 version of Mindtouch Deki sometime in April, about two weeks after it gets released.  The release is scheduled for the end of March.

That will get us a ton of nice improvements that we’ve been eagerly awaiting.

There are also some customization things in progress.  I’m working on code that will let us automatically move some pages around to start building a site hierarchy that will make certain tasks easier to do in the future.  That’s not all that interesting, so I won’t dwell on it right now.

Another task coming up is that I’ll be putting together some code to automatically generate interface reference pages for interfaces we don’t already have documented.  This should help us quickly fill in some holes in our docs, and will kick-start getting proper documentation into place for all interfaces.  I plan to work on that very shortly after my impending vacation.

Once these things are done, we’ll be working on setting up automatic notifications so that subject-matter experts can automatically be notified when pages are edited that they ought to review.  Hopefully this will help ensure the accuracy of our content, by making sure that the guys that know the code inside and out review the docs.  Infrastructure to enable this sort of notification is integrated in the new Deki we’ll be installing, but we’ll be doing some code on top of that to make it work just the way we want it to.  I’ll be blogging more about that soon.

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