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I need an add-on that lets me find and open web and/or FTP servers discovered using Bonjour.  Anyone up to creating one?  Bonus points if it works on both Windows and Mac.  Extra bonus points if it also works on Linux.

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  1. BonjourFoxy should work for you.

  2. The Camino browser also has support for FTP and HTTP discovery over Bonjour under the Bookmarks->Bonjour menu option.

  3. CrossFTP is the only one I can find that claims Bonjour support.

  4. Bryant: Unfortunately, although I’ve installed BonjourFoxy, it doesn’t discover anything, which Safari (for example) does.

    Camino is a great choice for most folks, but for various reasons I need to be using Firefox. I could just as easily use Safari when I need to do discovery, but would prefer to do it in Firefox.

  5. sheppy: I’d like to open a dialogue to resolve the BonjourFoxy issue – could you please email me some details on the platform you tried it on and the service(s) that were not discovered?

  6. I don’t seem to have your email address for some reason; the main issue here is that my printer has an internal web site for administrating it, and it is advertised using Bonjour. Safari sees it, but BonjourFoxy doesn’t.

  7. BonjourFoxy uses binary components so I do need some further information on the platform you tried it on to gauge what the issue is:-
    – What OS and release did it fail on? (eg: Windows XP SP2, OS X 10.5.6 or Ubuntu 8.10)
    – Was it in 32-bit or 64-bit mode and If applicable was it a PowerPC or Intel system?
    – What release of Firefox was used?

    Should my email address get truncated again you can find my contact details on my own site under ‘About’.

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