Apr 202009

There can be interesting side-effects to doing cleanup work on a documentation site such as the Mozilla Developer Center.

For example, last week I used a tool to rename several tags that had underscores in them instead of spaces.  This resulted in several dozen articles winding up on the “what’s new and changed” list.

The unexpected — but delightful — side effect of this is that at least a couple dozen of those articles got edited.  Some of them were simple typo corrections, others were fairly critical technical revisions.

That was a very pleasant side effect, and easily negated my initial concerns about having all those articles show up on the “what’s new” feed all at once the way they did.

My thanks to those who actually took time to look over and update all those articles!

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  2 Responses to “Interesting side-effects”

  1. Might be a nice idea to do something like a weekly page with a couple (10?) randomly chosen links to pages. Call it the ‘cleanup/edit focus’ page. You might get people motivated to participate in editing those random pages.

  2. That’s not a bad idea at all!

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