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I tried Tweetie for a while yesterday, and while it’s pretty — and easy on my computer’s resources — I couldn’t bring myself to keep using it, because of certain ways it does things that just don’t suit my workflow.

  • No notifications when tweets arrive.  Personally, I don’t want my Twitter client to be nonobtrusive.  I want a subtle beep when new tweets arrive.  I don’t follow so many people that this is a big distraction, and I use Twitter as a primary means of communication with some people, so I don’t want to miss anything.
  • No indicator of which tweets are new.  I can’t tell which tweets I’ve read already unless I happen to remember reading them.
  • Separate tweet entry window.  I can see how this is awesome for a lot of people, but for me, it’s a hassle.  I vastly prefer to have my tweet entry in the same window, as I can simply place my twitter window in a screen corner, keep it uncovered, and just click and go.
  • What’s the deal with the icon in my menu bar that shows and hides the window but does nothing else, and can’t be gotten rid of?  I have 20 items hanging out at the right side of my menu bar already — I don’t want another one, especially one I don’t need.
  • Unremovable sidebar.  Why is there a big sidebar that you can’t get rid of?  I essentially never leave the “all tweets” view, so why waste space with this sidebar?

For a lot of people, Tweetie is probably fantastic.  For my personal needs, it’s a poor fit.  If these issues were addressed, I’d happily pony up the $14.95 for it.  As it stands, I’m going to keep using the beta of Syrinx 2.0, despite its quirks.  It’s a closer match to my personal needs.

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  3 Responses to “About Tweetie for Mac”

  1. 1. Looks like that’s coming. I see the Growl package in there. So I presume Growl notifications will be an option in an upcoming release. Just a matter of time.
    2. It doesn’t scroll with new tweets, so I’ve found just leaving it and coming back to it accomplishes this automagically. I had more of an issue with TweetDeck which loved to scroll on it’s own causing me to loose my position. Now if Tweetie for iPhone and Mac could sync together… that would kill.
    3. Non issue for me. I like the Command-N key command though. Makes it feel like composing an email.
    4. Meh. I don’t use every chrome feature of any app. I’ve come to the conclusion that unless I hire a team who writes custom software all day long… i’ll always have unused chrome.

    Just my $0.02.

  2. I’d prefer new tweets be colored or marked or something rather than having to trust scroll position, but I see your point there.

    The sidebar thing is a matter of taking up an awful lot of space unnecessarily more than “unused chrome” so to speak. Most software that has sidebars and toolbars, you can hide them and/or configure them. Tweetie doesn’t let me do that.

  3. Sheppy, can you try out Pocket by by friend Koh Aoki?


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