Apr 212009

Turns out that a security problem we found over the weekend on MDC has resulted in a slight delay in our plans to upgrade to Deki Lyons.  While Mindtouch turned around a fix for the security glitch in about an hour (way to go, by the way!), and we’ve deployed the fix already, the fix needs to be applied to Lyons as well, and Mindtouch has recommended that we wait until their upcoming point release in mid-May before we upgrade.

This seems sensible to me, since we’ll also pick up a few other fixes and enhancements at the same time.  Among these will hopefully be a fix to the new user page problem where it isn’t properly parsing the conditionals to only show the text in the user’s language (instead, all languages get shown).

In the meantime, we’re going to start testing the upgrade process on the current version of Mindtouch 2009 (the apparent official name of Deki Lyons), hopefully later this week.  We should then be in great shape to throw the switch quickly and smoothly once the update is shipped.

In the meantime, I’m continuing to work on other stuff.  For example, I’ve now added documentation for WiFi access point monitoring.  Other small tweaks and additions are ongoing, and I am continuing to watch the status of localStorage.

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  1. Turns out localStorage is finally officially “in” for Firefox 3.5. I’ll be starting that documentation work this afternoon.

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