Apr 262009

Today’s a travel day; I leave the house in about 30-40 minutes to head to the airport for my trip to Mountain View for the Mozilla all-hands meetings happening starting tomorrow.  I’m all packed, and wrapping up some final online stuff I need to get done before I leave, such as making sure critical files I need access to are posted in my dropbox, etc.

I spent a lot of time Friday and yesterday working on a couple of Thunderbird bugs that I would like to see fixed but are sort of on the bubble as to whether or not any of the Thunderbird regulars will have time for them anytime soon.  I made a lot of progress, but have a bit more to do, so I made a patch that contains my work so far so I can bring that along and resume work when I arrive in California.

Catch y’all from California, where to my surprise, it sounds like the weather is not going to be as perfect as it’s been here the last few days!

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