May 132009

After announcing, then unannouncing, our plans to upgrade to MindTouch 2009 this week, I figured I should explain why we’re waiting for the 9.02.2 patch that’s coming next week.  The main reason we’re delaying the upgrade is because a cross-site scripting bug that we’ve applied a custom fix for in the version of MindTouch we’re using currently is not fixed in MindTouch 2009 9.02.1, but is in 9.02.2.

There are plenty of other fixes that are interesting (from our perspective, anyway).  These include:

  • Custom new user page templates don’t get processed, but are simply embedded. This should be fixed for 9.02.2.
  • They removed the Special:About page from 9.02; once they realized that end users actually may need to see the info on those pages, it’s returning in 9.02.2.
  • Support for using syntax highlighting without line numbers. We’ll use this for some samples that are very short.
  • Filtering popular pages by language will be supported.
  • Search results won’t include templates, by default.
  • The MIME type for JPEG files is fixed; this will fix problems with JPEG images not rendering correctly in certain browsers.
  • Currently, using parentheses in searches results in a lucene error; the update should escape the search string if an error occurs and try again.
  • Page change alert notifications (a new MindTouch 2009 feature we’ve been excited about) are improved significantly.
  • A browser-crashing bug in the editor has been fixed.
  • A bug causing Google Analytics code to be added to pages even though GA support is disabled is fixed.
  • You should be able to subscribe for notification of changes to a page (and optionally its subpages) when you create a new page. This is an improvement to a new feature in MindTouch 2009.
  • Canceling editing the Talk page when it doesn’t previously exist should now return you to the corresponding article instead of back to the Main Page.

Some of these have not actually been fixed yet, so it’s possible that not all of these fixes will reach us when 9.02.2 drops next week. I hope so, though!

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