May 172009

Yesterday evening, when we came home from being out for a while, I spotted a racoon hanging out in the side yard next door to our house.  We waited in the car watching him, and letting Sophie keep an eye on him.  He eventually gradually started making his way toward us, and eventually came around the corner of our fence and slipped through a gap in our fence where one of the boards got broken loose on the gate.

It was at that point that we realized where he was going — to the mud room, where we keep Buddy’s food and water.  Sarah hopped out of the car and went to the mud room door. When the raccoon slipped through the cracked-open back door into the mud room, Sarah shouted and whacked the mud room door, spooking it to dash off.

Tonight, I was on my way to go feed Buddy, and on a whim, I slapped my hand on the door before opening it. Sure enough, I heard a thump and a slam as some creature hopped off the bench Buddy’s food is on and scurried through the door.

I turned on the light in the mud room and sure enough, the raccoon was standing a few feet away out on the pool deck, watching me.

I poured the food into Buddy’s bowl, then smacked the back door and yelled at the pest. He scurried off around the corner.

I went back inside and went immediately to the pool deck light switch. Flipped it on, and the little stinker was already skulking his way back toward the mud room.  So I opened the sliding glass door and yelled at it again. It took off.

But not for long. I had to scare him off a couple more times. We finally brought Buddy and his food inside for the night and closed the mud room door.

We clearly need to find another solution for where to put his food and water outside!

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  2 Responses to “Little visitor”

  1. You can always try coyote urine.

  2. I think I’d rather live with the visitor. Yuck. :)

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