May 192009

I’m still hoping that we’ll be able to upgrade next week; my goal is to have it done during Tuesday’s maintenance window. The next handful of days should determine whether or not that schedule will fly. MindTouch continues to assure me that they fully expect to release 9.02.2 by the end of this week.

Last time I blogged about this update, I listed a number of items that were of special interest, mentioning that many of them weren’t yet actually fixed. That’s changed; most of the stuff is now marked off as “fixed” in MindTouch’s database. This is very good news!

In addition, MindTouch has investigated the problem we’ve had with the editor’s user interface appearing in the wrong language (often in Czech or Polish for our English users, for example), and they believe this is a caching bug that is fixed in MindTouch 2009, so we should be in good shape there once the upgrade is done.

I continue to be very excited to get this upgrade out; I think the improvements will make a lot of MDC‘s users very happy. Plus the cool new stuff we’ll be able to do building on top of the MindTouch application platform is going to be very fun to work on.

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