May 262009

The ECMAScript 5 standard, which lays out the future of what we call JavaScript, has entered the final candidate stage. This is great news for the Web, since the improvements in ECMAScript 5 are going to make Web development better, easier, safer, and more powerful than ever before.

Some features of ECMAScript 5 are already supported, while others will need to be implemented going forward in future versions of our JavaScript runtime.

To get an initial foothold on documenting our ECMAScript 5 support, I’ve created a new article where I hope to gather together information about what we already support, and eventually to lay out our roadmap (or links to appropriate planning documents) for future ES5 support.

I’d appreciate it if people familiar with our JavaScript implementation — as well as with ECMAScript 5 — could help check over the article and ensure that it’s as accurate and useful as possible.

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