May 272009

During last night’s maintenance window, the Mozilla Developer Center‘s database was moved to a different server. It had previously been sharing a server with a couple of other sites that occasionally got so busy that they bogged down MDC’s database access. With luck, we’ll have fewer of these problems going forward.

I also filed a bug with MindTouch about the apparent problems their software seems to have getting back on track after running into database timeouts.

We did run into a couple of hiccups during the database migration, but our illustrious IT guys got things sorted out pretty quickly. Nice work!

And don’t forget — tomorrow night we’re slated to upgrade to MindTouch 2009 9.02.2! That will kick off a new round of tweaks I plan to start working on, starting with a revamp of the toolbar to make a few things more convenient to use (such as adding the “paste as plain text” option).

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