Jun 042009

Yesterday we applied a new skin change that exposes a couple more new features.  Today, let’s take a look at them!

Page notifications

The new Page Notifications box can be found to the right of the article title. It looks like this:

Clicking on this pops up a list of notification options:

From here, you can choose whether you want to be notified of changes for the current page or that page and all its subpages.

This should prove to be very useful — with this feature, we can start making progress toward having subject matter experts watch the site’s contents for changes to ensure the content remains accurate.  I’ll want to experiment with this a bit before I start asking people to sign up for notifications, although of course people are welcome to go for it if they like.

New tag editor

The new tag editor will hopefully help people find and apply appropriate tags to articles a little bit better. Previously, clicking the “add or edit tags” button popped up a dialog in which you would type in all the tags. Now tag editing is done inline.

Underneath the list of tags for the page is a new “Edit tags” link. Clicking that activates the new inline tag editor:

When you mouse over each tag, a button appears that lets you delete the tag from the list. Adding a new tag is as simple as typing it into the edit box and pressing the return key.  A nice touch is that the tag entry box autocompletes based on existing tags:

This helps make it easier to track down the tag or tags you want to add to the article.

When you’re done editing tags, click the “Return to view tags” link to close the tag editor.

This isn’t a perfect solution; what I actually want to eventually have is a separate interface for creating tags, so that we have a predefined list of tags, and then to only allow those tags to be used. We get a lot of people creating bogus tags, often filled with spam, and they get quite frustrating to clean up every day!

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  1. Can you please enable offline support for the wiki? It would be very useful to me, as I’m mostly offline in order to save cellular phone bill, and wish to get some of the wiki content in offline mode. I guess some others will be also happy with this feature.

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