Jun 192009

If you haven’t been following the Mozilla hacks blog, where we’re featuring 35 days worth of Firefox 3.5 improvements for web developers — including tons of awesome demos and clever tricks — you’re missing a lot of great stuff.

The stuff being shared on the hacks blog is a preview of sorts of the direction in which the Web is going. Armed with the stuff going on there, you’ll be able to do stuff that previously simply couldn’t be done without resorting to tedious and/or proprietary techniques. Now you can do wicked cool stuff using open technologies.

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  One Response to “Hack it, baby!”

  1. “… without resorting to tedious and/or proprietary techniques.”
    — this suggests that Mozilla Firefox doesn’t use any “proprietary techniques” or protocols. It doesn’t seem to be true, since Google’s so-called “safebrowsing” protocol, enabled and used by default in Firefox, apparently has attached restrictions: “Do not use this protocol without explicit written permission from Google. (…) Note: This is not a license to use the defined protocol.” I wrote more about this subject in my comment on Mark Surman’s blog.
    BTW – why isn’t this documentaion (ie. spec. of so-called “safebrowsing”) hosted on wiki.m.o. or devmo? It is implemented in Firefox, after all…

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