Jul 012009

We’ve deployed our new editor plugin on the Mozilla Developer Center this afternoon. It currently doesn’t do a lot, but what it does is — at least for me — very nice.

When you open the editor on MDC, the table of contents sidebar now disappears, allowing you to use nearly the full width of your browser window for editing the article’s content. When you close the editor (either by saving your change or canceling the editor), the sidebar returns automatically.

This is especially helpful because the sidebar would often get in the way while editing tables and other wider formatted content, including code samples.

Now that Firefox 3.5 is out the door, I plan to ramp up work on back-end stuff even further, including adding more capabilities to our plugins; in addition, I’m gearing up on some organizational work, and talking with Mindtouch about implementing some scripts to help automate more administrative tasks.

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