Jul 312009

I’ve been continuing to do back-end work on the Mozilla Developer Center this week, and have achieved a few things, some of which are already visible, and others that will be once IT has a chance to deploy some changes.

First, and simplest, I fixed the Interface template to stop inserting an extraneous space after the interface name; this will make several spots in our text look less… odd.

I’ve configured the syntax highlighter extension so it only offers options for languages we actually use, instead of including stuff like Delphi, for example. The “graphviz” options listed at the beginning… I’m not sure why they’re still there; I’m looking into it.

I’ve also written a new special page plugin that most of you will never directly see, but will let me easily do mass renames of tags, so that, for example, I can change “Developing_Mozilla” to “Developing Mozilla”. It will also let me fix various organization problems centered around tags quite easily.  This needs to be installed by IT, but it’s in SVN now, ready for them to grab it.

Then I updated the skin slightly, so that on search result pages, talk pages are actually labeled as talk pages now. This should help a little bit when trying to track down the content you’re really looking for.

In addition, sent along information to IT about how to configure MindTouch 2009 to support using SSL only on specified pages, instead of sitewide. If/when they choose to implement that, it should improve performance in typical usage.

There’s more in work, and of course I’ll blog more as I make further progress.

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