Aug 042009

After discovering today that the IRC links that are supposed to appear in the sidebar stopped appearing sometime recently, Shaver suggested that I look into starting to do unit testing of the Mozilla Developer Center.

This is obviously a good idea, so I’ve started putting together a list of things that need to expressly be tested. My thinking is that for the most part we should focus on testing our customizations:

  • The MDC skin.
  • Custom templates that tweak overall look and feel.
  • FCKeditor extensions.
  • MindTouch wiki extensions.

The list I have right now is very small, and I’m still actively working on it. Please feel free to suggest things that you’ve seen break in the past, so that we can make sure they get tested going forward. You can make your suggestions by commenting on this post, or by emailing me, or by adding to the talk page for the unit testing list.

I’m going to be experimenting with using Selenium to do these tests. I’ll post more as my experiments progress.

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