Sep 042009

I’ve started using the whiteboard field in Bugzilla to take documentation-related notes about bugs, and I figured a quick explanation of what I’m doing would be helpful.

The “[doc-waiting-1.9.3]” note means that the issue isn’t expected to land until Gecko 1.9.3. This doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t be documented until then, it’s just to help me prioritize work, since for obvious reasons stuff that’s in Gecko 1.9.2 is my top priority right now.

“[doc-waiting-info]” is used so that I can easily see that I’ve already looked at an issue and have asked one or more questions that need to be answered before I can write the material up. This will help me avoid spending a lot of time looking at the same bug over and over again before I actually have the necessary information to write it up.

“[doc-waiting-landing]” is used to mark items that have a patch, but it’s unclear on which branch the code will be checked in (or if it will be at all). Again, this helps me avoid looking repeatedly at items that aren’t ready to write about yet.

I’m sure I’ll have more of these in the future, but I wanted to explain my usage of these in case any of them seemed confusing, and to point out that they don’t necessarily mean super-long delays getting stuff written about (especially in the “[doc-waiting-1.9.3]” case).

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