Sep 172009

We’ve scheduled our upgrade of the Mozilla Developer Center to MindTouch 9.08 for next Tuesday (September 22). Some of its improvements we’ve already received by installing various plug-ins; however, there are still some improvements that will be very welcome with this update.

There’s now a feature that lets us export the contents of a subtree in XML format; theoretically, we could use this to provide an offline reader for MDC content.

See the complete change log for this release of MindTouch here.

A few of the things I personally am happy to see:

  • Pressing enter in the Edit Summary edit field will now save your edit.
  • Editing a section and saving the change no longer takes you to the top of the page; instead, the section remains on screen. Yay!
  • Canceling editing a new talk page now takes you to the corresponding article instead of to the site’s home page.

There’s lots more, but these are the ones that immediately leap out at me as being of particular interest that I haven’t previously blogged about.

Obviously this is mostly a tidy-up type release, rather than a huge new feature release. As always, I’ll immediately set about prodding our friends at MindTouch to work on more stuff we want and need. They’ll say something about needing a vacation first, and I’ll begrudgingly grant them that, then I’ll get back to being pushy again.

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