Sep 182009

I’m starting to get gradually more productive again as I work toward recovering from pneumonia. Here’s a look at the stuff I’ve been up to.

I’ve continued to triage the bugs that are marked dev-doc-needed in Bugzilla; some of these, which I tagged myself, don’t actually correspond to things needing documentation, but instead were things I needed to investigate.

I documented the nsIScreen and nsIScreenManager interfaces today. This happened because of a minor Windows-only change to nsIScreen, in which it now reports 24 bits per pixel instead of 32 bits per pixel, since 24 bits per pixel is more accurate for the interface’s purposes. But these interfaces hadn’t been documented yet, and are small, so I figured I’d go ahead and write them up in their entirety while I was at it.

I started work on the SVG animation documentation, but found out shortly after starting work on it that SVG animation has been bumped to Gecko 1.9.3, so that’s on hold for now while I focus on stuff for Gecko 1.9.2.

I’ve added a new article, Updating themes for Firefox 3.6, to which we’ll add any information about theme-related changes in Gecko 1.9.2 and Firefox 3.6. So far I’ve added what I’m presently aware of to this, but if you know something I don’t, please feel free to update it!

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