Sep 222009

Work continues (gradually) on documenting Firefox 3.6 for developers. I’ve just added information about an improvement to how add-ons can provide icons for display in the add-on manager.

In addition, the mozImageSmoothingEnabled property that’s been added to the canvas element is now documented. Looking at our canvas documentation, I realize we need a more traditional HTML element reference document added for canvas, and I hope to get to that before long, but in the meantime, I’m a little preoccupied just getting the Firefox 3.6/Gecko 1.9.2 stuff done in our current framework of content, so please bear with me!

I’m also continuing to triage various bugs, weeding out a few that don’t actually need documentation changes after all (my initial triage pass was very generous, erring on the side of assuming stuff would require doc changes).

I’m making good headway and feel pretty confident that we’ll once again have complete documentation in advance of shipping Firefox 3.6.

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  2 Responses to “More Firefox 3.6 documentation”

  1. I very disappointed that Mozilla has decided to abandon a complete open source for collaboration, Mediawiki, and adopt a closed source product, MindTouch 2009 Standard. So much for open web.

    MindTouch 2009 Standard is clearly not an open source product and their open source is basic and clearly crippled. They even go to the extreme of promoting their pay for products as closed source as an advantage.

  2. Firefox is awesome. Period.
    It gets even better in 3.6.

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