Oct 022009

Until today, creating interwiki links involved using a really weird syntax with the MediaWiki extension on the Mozilla Developer Center. Ugh.

I just added a template that makes creating interwiki links much easier. Now you can simply do:

{{template.interwiki(wiki, path)}}

For example:

{{template.interwiki("wikipedia", "Mozilla")}}


{{template.interwiki("wikimo", "WeeklyUpdates")}}

This should make things much easier when you want to create links like these. As an added bonus, Wikipedia interwiki links detect the language of the page containing the link, and automatically directs to the corresponding language on Wikipedia.

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  One Response to “Interwiki links and you”

  1. You can also just do {{ interwiki(“wikipedia”, “Mozilla”) }}. The “template.” prefix is not required anymore.


    – Steve

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