Oct 152009

This week has been a hectic one for the Mozilla Developer Center. As most folks are aware by now, we’ve had some stability issues lately.

This week, MindTouch sent up a representative to sit down with our IT guys to figure out what’s going on, and progress has been made. There’s still work to be done, and I’m in touch with them to get a status report on exactly what we still need to do. I’ll share that information once I have it.

In other MDC news, I’ve added a cool new template, “manch“, which lets you insert a link to a method in the current interface reference article. You can see it used in the just-added documentation for the nsIHttpActivityObserver interface.

The syntax is simple:


This inserts the text “foo()” with a link to the anchor “#foo()” on the current page. I think this template will help make composing interface reference documentation easier. On top of this, I’ve fixed a bug in the “interface” template that caused it to sometimes direct to the wrong page.

I’ve also updated the Sample interface document on MDC based on minor changes to our preferred style for these pages, as well as new syntax rules for templates that make things cleaner.

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