Nov 032009

I just had a meeting with assorted people related to the Mozilla Developer Center work that’s ongoing, including reps from MindTouch and our own IT team. I figured it would be good to summarize what’s going on.

The test server for MDC that we’ll be using to check out updates before actually installing them is expected to be ready today. I’m working with IT and QA to schedule testing work on that, so we can roll it out as soon as possible.

We’ll also use the test system to try out the new reCAPTCHA plugin; once that’s confirmed to be working for us, we’ll be able to re-activate user registrations on MDC, which will of course be a huge win for both openness and my sanity.

The 9.08.1 update will not, unfortunately, resolve all of our problems. However, it should make restarting the site rather more reliable than it is now. We do expect to continue to have to restart periodically due to memory leakage by the Mono runtime on which MindTouch is based. The Mono team is aware of these problems, and they’re working on an improved garbage collection system, but that’s not looking like it will ship until sometime in the first half of next year.

The next major release of MindTouch, code-named Noatak, is tentatively scheduled to ship around the end of November (it’s slipped from its original November 12 target date, which I expected). MindTouch intends to resolve all of the non-Mono-related issues we’re having with reliability by that time. In addition, they plan to offer support for CKEditor 3.0, a much-improved editor that we look forward to being able to use.

Plans are starting to formulate for the features we intend to implement once stability is addressed. Hopefully the reliability problems will start to ease up significantly over the next month to month and a half.

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