Mar 172010

Yesterday afternoon, I talked to the nurse at the doctor’s office, and she confirmed that I do in fact have gallstones. After talking to her for a couple of minutes, it was still unclear whether or not that meant I should be looking at having my gall bladder removed right away, or wait for it to get worse. My immediate inclination is to do it sooner rather than later, since it will almost certainly have to be done eventually, and I’d hate to have an attack while traveling (say, in Jamaica for my brother’s wedding in December).

I asked if she could get some advice from the doctor for me, and she said she would and would call me back today. A few minutes ago, having not heard anything yet, I went ahead and called over to them. She went home sick early yesterday and failed to ask the other nurse to follow up, so now, since my doctor is in surgery, I’m stuck waiting another day to find out whether or not I’m correct that I should go ahead and get this done soon.

Basically, the only real information I need is “are the stones I have such that it’s fairly likely to keep getting worse until I need to have this thing removed, or is this something that could be pretty much fine for many years?”

The safest bet is probably to get it taken out right away, but I do want to get all the information I can first.

Sigh. I hate waiting. Especially when I know the likely outcome.

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