Apr 022010

This afternoon, I got my js-ctypes sample working. As I mentioned yesterday, it lets you add images you find on the web to iPhoto on a Mac by simply right-clicking, choosing “Add image to iPhoto” and away it goes, automatically.

The trick, for the moment, is that the sample requires a customized build of Firefox, since it relies on a patch to enable support for accessing external data. This patch, or, more likely, a revised version of it, should land sometime before too long. There’s some discussion ongoing about changing the way this feature is exposed, so I’m holding off on posting my sample until that’s finalized.

I’m quite intrigued by the possibilities offered by js-ctypes; another idea I’m kicking around is an extension that would let you download and burn ISO images in a single action, using the Disc Recording framework built into Mac OS X.

There are a lot of interesting things this makes possible to do very easily, that previously would have involved a lot of native code and XPCOM trickery. It’s very exciting stuff!

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  1. That sounds really awesome, Sheppy! Way to go!

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